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    Gilera Runner Evo 70
  1. I think v-max will be about 145-150. Thank you for the kind words :) Compression Ratio Gilera have got a 15 :) Petrol must have more than 100 octane :) My next project :) Honda Sky 50 (Retro scooter xD ) with Hebo Manston Racing 50
  2. NitroZ Passion is the most important. It does not matter what country you come from. Gilera will be have a more hp than S6 R/T. And this project is very cheap. I saw a drag 50ccm which have got a 29km :) I'm only 16 and I read a lots of books about 2 Stroke Tuning. For me cylinder Stage6 R/T is bad. The opening angle of the exhaust window is 186-188. Where Malossi MHR Team Cross about 204. My have got 195 but compression ratio is 15. Gilera ride only petrol with more than 100 octane. V-Power Racing have got about 104 :) In the plan Gilera was a rotary valve than valve.
  3. Next weekend I will be have a cylinder and head with modifications :P Maybe will be a first run :P Horse power cylinder with porting: 26km in porting programs :) My english is very very bad :(
  4. NitroZ you're right :) I add this procjet because it's a very big forum. In Poland this forum is very popular :)
  5. On this film Gilera don't have porting(Serial Hebo Manston Replica) My clean garage xD Now i sent for my friend a cylinder to Porting and modification Head. The ignition will be for Suzuki RM 80 :) Cost only 300zł(about 75 euro) My and friend fanpage I have got a Honda SKy 50 with cylinder Hebo Manston Racing 50 and my plan is spend only 1000zł(250euro) xD Greatings for Poland
  6. Spacerkit: Mudguard Serial Runner Paintings Muffler Homemade
  7. Project cylinder for Honda AF43 Procject Extender for P/G by me
  8. Hi I'm Maciej I live in Poland. I'm 16 I have got a three motorbikes - Gilera Runner Evo 70 - Hona Sky Racing 50 -Suzuki RM 80 My Engilsh is bad :/ I bought Gilera for 700zł(about 160euro) It didn't have a engine but i bought for 300zł(about 75euro) Gilera setup: - Cylinder Hebo Manston Replica 70 ported 195* - Head Hebo Manston Replica volume compression 15 - Crankshaft Top Racing High Tech - Carburettor Mikuni Corp TM 28mm - Against the plate Stage6 Racing CNC - Variator Malossi MHR Overrange - EQ torque Malossi MHR Overrange - Air filter Stage6 Double Layer - Discharge Stage6 R/T - Muffler Homemade - Shock-absorber Stage6 R/T This setup cost about 2500zł(625euro) xD All things