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A few years back scootersprint really picked up here in Denmark and we decided that our TCR Dragster with a Kiesler frame was not really what we wanted. First of all we were not all the satisfied with the quality of the frame and we would like to have something that really looked different.

The entire build is ofcourse sponsored by ourselves but also with big help from the following suppliers:

Polini Motori - Polini.com

Schuberth Danmark - Schuberth.dk

CeramicSpeed - CeramicSpeed.com

Together with AET we started the construction of our Polini Dragster. Honestly all framework, the middle-pièce and the exhausts are done by him - simply because we do not have the skills to make stuff like that. We decided to go with a Piaggio Hiper2 engine, two Polini 94ccm Big Evolution cylinders and then pretty much take it from there. We knew the ignition had to be re-done but luckily others had done this kind of thing before us, so copying that was not a big issue.

The hope was to have the Polini Dragster ready for Danmarks Hurtigste Scooter (DHS) 2010, sadly that did not quite go as planned and we ended up arriving without a working engine. During winter we got the final bits and pieces put together, ordered and installed an NX kit and felt ready for the coming season.

The first run of 2011 (and our first proper run ever!) was at a RaceTour.dk meet in Hjørring where we managed to do 150m in 5,789 seconds and with an exitspeed of 123,85kph. The run can be seen in the following vidéo.


During spring and summer we did some testing, upgraded the intake manifolds, carbs and got the NX kit working quite okay. Before going to DHS 2011 we dynoed the machine and the results can be seen in the following vidéo.


At DHS we had quite a lot of good runs but was also met with some problems. First of all the gears we had installed was far too big for 150m, so our speed of the line was rubbish but we caught up very fast once we got going. Secondly we had no rear "mudguard" and since the dragstrip at Vandel Flyveplads (where DHS takes place) is not all smooth you will expérience a bit om bumps etc. - and that suddenly ment our rearwheel ate one of the airfilters and the engine seized up. Two guys spent the night from Saturday to Sunday back home in our workshop changing gears, cylinder and airfilter in order for the Polini Dragster to be ready for the finals. They got everything put together perfectly and after a few test-runs during Sunday the machine was set up quite okay for the finals - and we ended up winning them. The run and alot of other action from DHS 2011 can be seen in the following vidéo.


With a great win like that and a machine that proved to be running great times (in our minds at least), we decided to take part in Scooter-Weekend at Nürburgring. It was a totally new thing to be racing in another country, there was new rules, changes had to be made to machine but we did it all in advance and arrived at Nürburgring pretty well prepared. The races took place in the pitlane which ment quite a short space for braking but after a few runs our driver started finding some good speed and setting very decent time. Since this was also the finals of DSSC we had the chance to measure our speed against some of the fastest dragsters in Germany - and after an eventful day at the track we came out on top. Beating up every single contestant including the other Danes there and the beast from MaxiScoot - a sweet thing for us! StreetBuzz did a vidéo from the entire meet.


During winter we did some upgrading but honestly felt the machine had been running a very solid season. We installed a mudguard (very needed!) to keep the airfilters safe from the rearwheel, installed some wires for a CTEK charger for easy charging, changed a lot of bolts from aluminium to titanium and did a bit of tweaking.

During this year we have had a few good runs, not trouble free but we are very satisfied. The first one was at Allingåbro Motorfestival in May, it is a 201m dragstrip and after a few runs we managed to cover the 201m in 6,801 seconds and with an exitspeed of 153kph.

Our second timed run this year was at Danmarks Hurtigste Bil (DHB) 2012 which is full 402m dragstrip - a thing we had never done before. We knew how the machine behaved at 150 and 201 meters but 402 meters with full throttle and NX was all now territory to us. We knew it required a large gearset and some adjustments with the rollers and we did not have many runs to get it right - let alone knowing if the machine would be up for going the long distance. We managed to do the 402m in 11,21 second and with an exitspeed of 168kph. Earlier in the day we had made runs with higher topspeed (169,65kph and 171,48kph) and in the final run it would have been even higher if only the engine had not seized up. One of the cylinders gave up, blocking the entire engine, braking the belt (and ruining it) along with the rear pulleys etc. The following vidéo is from DHB and is made by Bidstrup |Photography.


This ment the machine had to undergo a bit of repairs with some new parts. Including a cylinder, fresh airfilters, new belt, new front outer pulley and rear pulleys (Polini Ceramic Speed Drive Evolution). We kept the long gears installed for DHS 2012 although we knew they might be more than enough for going only 150 meters. We did some okay runs but nothing super fantastic and the NX kit did not quite work as planned. We decided to go back to the old front out pulley (Malossi) which brought back some much needed bottom-end although the long gears still was not what we needed for a short distance like that. The NX kit never came back to life during the weekend but we ran some decent times as well as the fastet time on Saturday. No one managed to beat our fastest time on Sunday either and since the finals was cancelled because or rain we ended up winning DHS 2012 with a time of 6,487 seconds and an exitspeed of 137,22kph. The following vidéo is from the event and is made by Bidstrup | Photography.


The final meeting we went to this year was by RaceTour.dk and took place in Skærbæk in the southern parts of Jylland. It was not really a sprint meeting but more for guys wanting some dyno-runs and doing a lot of racing on the track. We did a few dyno runs of the Polini Dragster, once again without the NX kit working as it should and with just below 50hp on the rearwheel - a winter of repairs, tweaking and upgrades is surely needed! Especially since the engine suddenly gave up during a sprint run, not the way we really wanted to end the season.

The plan for the winter is to, ofcourse, get eveything working again and hopefully see some increase in power as well. Not quite sure if we will be changing anything in the setup during winter but we will ofcourse keep you posted here and on our Facebook-page as we move along :)

The entire setup of the Polini Dragster pre-winter 2012/2013:

2 X Polini Big Evolution 94ccm cylinders - (S-P140.0208)

2 X AET Big Evolution 94ccm exhausts with Yasuni Carrera 30 silencers - (S-YAS-SIL054)

2 X Polini Big Evolution crankshafts - (S-P210.0021)

2 X Moto Tassinari V-Force KX intakevalves

2 X Special intake manifolds

2 X Koso 34mm carbs - (S-KO-DA934200)

2 X Polini Big Evolution konical airfilters - (S-P203.0150)

Stage6 ignitions (2 halfs) - (S-S6-4514000)

Malossi Multivar 2000 variomatic - (S-M519019)

Polini Ceramic Speed Drive Evolution rear-pulleys - (S-P244.0578)

Polini Evolution Kevlar belt - (S-P248.037.1)

Polini primary gearset 14/39 (S-P202.1407)

Polini secondary gearset 16/47 - (S-P202.1402)

Stage6 RACING Torque Control clutch - (S-S6-5014012)

Polini Evolution 2 clutchbell - (S-P250.025)

Nitrous Express Nos kit

CeramicSpeed bearings for the crankshaft - (S-CMS-BB1B-447205 A/HC5)

CeramicSpeed bearing for the rearwheel - (S-CMS-6204-2RSL/HC5)

CeramicSpeed bearing for the gears - (S-CMS-6203/HC5.C3)

Drag Race frontwheel - (S-DA100.10) with a Bridgestone Hoop 90/90-10 - (BS-78548)

Dragster rearwheel with a J.R. dragster tyre

Stage6 R/T Multimeter - (S6-4052)

Front brakedisc: Hope V2 ventilated floating 203mm

Front caliper/master: Hope disque Tech V2

Rear brakedisc: Hope floating 185mm

Rear caliper/master: Hope disque Tech V2

Brakehoses: Hope reinforced

Handlebar: Ritchey carbon

Headset: Hope titanium

Various 5, 6 and 8mm titanium bolts

This is what the machine currently looks like (everything is clickable for hi-res):

001.jpg 002.jpg

003.jpg 004.jpg

005.jpg 006.jpg 008.jpg

007.jpg 009.jpg

010.jpg 011.jpg

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Great bike man :cool2: (h)

R u gonna change something or is it finished?

I've seen the vidéo some weeks ago - runs very good :ouf:

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Is it a Piaggio motor?

Yes, it's a Piaggio Hiper2 engine with a custom middlepiece and custom connection of the cranks.

R u gonna change something or is it finished?

We plan to take it à part, put some color on it and get the NX kit working as it should. Hopefully with a good overhaul we will be doing ever better runs in 2013.

Modifié par Speedline.dk

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Yes, it's a Piaggio Hiper2 engine with a custom middlepiece and custom connection of the cranks.

We plan to take it à part, put some color on it and get the NX kit working as it should. Hopefully with a good overhaul we will be doing ever better runs in 2013.

Nice plan for the No2 Kit :D

But will you threat the crankshaft and everything else in the engine (to be résistant to the nitrogen..)? otherwise the engine is going to oxydize, no?

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We are not aware of any problems with the cranks breaking/being damaged because of the NX. Could you please share some more information on that?

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